Alone (2)


>>> Alone (first part) is here.

Of course elevator is not an option without power and the stairs echoes her footsteps, louder than ever in the general silence. When she reaches the hallway she stops for a moment, listening intently the sounds of the house. Nothing. No TV sets, no words from other people, not even a dog’s bark.

Slowly she opens the door, almost hoping for something bad to happen. A little whirlwind scatters dead leaves on the sidewalk, carrying the scent of an early summer. One step at a time she leaves her house, eyes frantically looking for any sign of life. Nobody in sight, only cars and bikes parked as usual on both sides of the street.

Habits push her to the left, in the direction of the nearest newsstand. Near the entrance there are black plastic boxes with the old magazines and a pair of black shoes, just next of a pile of clothes. She steps down the sidewalk, look inside the shop. Nobody in sight. Another pair of shoes, pink runners about her own size and more clothes scattered on the floor. There is money on the counter, bills and coins ready to be used for change.

A few more steps and she reaches the road crossing, quiet like never before. The traffic lights are off. The station wagon in the middle of the intersection looks empty at a first sight. Then she discovers another pair of shoes near the pedals and more ragged clothes on the driver seat.


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