Alone (4)

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>>> Alone (third part) is here.


The sudden blast from the gun dazzles her, halting abruptly the panic. The bullet get lost somewhere, leaving echoes behind.

The shock get her on her thoughts again. The town hall looks empty and even a gunshot doesn’t get any reaction around. Slowly she looks all around, there’s something more that doesn’t fit. Where are the birds?

No pidgeons, no sparrows, not even a seagull. She cannot remember a single day in her life without seeing them. For a second she wants to scream then her conscious mind comes back in place, restoring a layer of rationality. She looks at the semi auto, force the safety to lock. A few steps at her right she find another abandoned bike and start again, this time in the direction of the city hospital.

Going on, right in the middle of the street, she rings the bike’s bell every few seconds, the merry sound incongrous in the empty town. From the city hall to the hospital she spots a number of abandoned cars, a couple of bus. Nobody around, no other sounds. Every set of traffic lights looks dead, the same for the shops and the houses. Still no birds around, the same for any kind of animal. Only the Sun looks the same, bright and powerful in a sky without clouds.

After twenty minutes she reaches the emergency entrance of the hospital. There’s a couple of ambulance parked, no sign of life. Slowly she steps down from the bike and start walking to the entrance, mind full of images from every horror movie she can recall. The hall is full of darkness.

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