Alone (5)

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It takes her a full minute to adjust her vision in the dim light. The waiting room is in a complete disarray. A styrofoam cup lies in the middle, coffee splashed all around. Shoes and clothes here and there, a rag soaked with dried blood on the floor near the doors.

She calls out, louder and louder, for help. No response at all. When she spots a pair of blue children shoes on a bench she starts to cry, overwhelmed by loneliness. Not the babies, she thinks, please not the babies too. After a while, teardrops still on her face, she clims over the counter. Time to explore the hospital, to look for somebody.

Three floors, ten divisions, plus a little mall and a church. It takes her three hours to complete a full search of the building. She choose to investigate even the morgue in the end but the complete darkness of the basement and the strong smell of formaline stops her dead on her tracks.

She stops in the main hall for a rest, hungry like never before. Without esitation she picks up a metal chair and smash the glass door of the cafeteria. The noise is welcome, its echo booms thru the empty space of the main hall like a bomb. She starts to eat compulsively chocolate snacks, taking big gulps of coke to wash down the stuff.

Ten minutes later a quasiness in her belly stops her. Cheap sugars and caffeine kick in, transforming her hunger in a powerful headache. Think, she commands to herself, think. There is an explaination to everything. There must be a way to find somebody else.

9 thoughts on “Alone (5)

  1. Io, naturalmente, continuo a non capirci niente, vista la mia non-conoscenza dell’inglese. Ma presumo sia un bel racconto, sulla fiducia. Una versione maccheronica sarà in futuro possibile? grazie.

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