Alone (6)

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On her way back from the city hospital she comes to a decision. Resist. No matter what’s going on in town, she will face it and find a solution. The inital shock leaves room to a quiet sense of wonder where an empty town looks like a kind of nightmare.

The Event, she call it in her mind, has happened in the first hours of the day, say about seven o’clock. An unknown force wiped out the electrical power everywhere, knocking off every other living being around. That get her a lot of pratical problems to solve, just to stay alive.

While going away from the hospital she finds an old Timex wirstwatch, that for the comfort to know the time of the day and to hear the little thing noisy ticking. Her first stop is at an hardware store, one of the few shop with the portcullis up. Using the gun she brokes the glass door and recovers a gas stove, a wind-up torch, two boxes of white candles and a red canteen.

A twenty minute ride takes her back home. She moves in a hurry, carrying home the newfound supplies, forcing herself to avoid looking around. The silence becames an invisible companion for her, a void that echoes her worst fears. Despite her weariness she finds the will to exit from the safe shell of her apartment to provide two six pack of water bottles.

Once at home again she sits on her bed and starts to cry again, this time almost without a sound. In the bedroom the clicking of the old Timex cradles her into a deep sleep.

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