Alone (7)

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The noise of the wind wakes her hours later, in a bedroom slightly illuminated by moonlight. Trembling, with puffy eyes and a dull pain in the forehead she reaches the window to see what’s going on.

Dry leaves and random piece of paper, little branches and rags tumble here and there on the streets, forced by savage gust of wind from the sea. A strong smell of salt reach her nostrils, a flavor of good days of the past that almost forces a smile on her lips.

Everything was dark outside, except for the pale light from the Moon and the stars. The city without power looks scary and mysterious in the night with the fury of the wind that screams between the buildings. After a while she looks at the sky, clean like never before, free from the reflection effect of city lights.

She looks at the Moon and stare, unable even to cry. The Moon is full, its landscape clear in the sky. With three new, black, enormous scares, going from north to south, marks of a change out of scale of any human action. A tiny cloud of debris surrounds the satellite, glimmering in the dark.

She shut the window closed, pull down the drapers, refusing to see more. Her loneliness feels even greater than before, with the costant howl of the wind outside.

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