Round one goes to Romney

The first TV debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney has been quite interesting but a lot disappointing for democrats. Obama is not sized for this kind of political shows, we already know that from the past (remember the ’08 campaign against McCain?) but his global performance has been poor. Everybody knew about the main arguments of the evening. With Romney under stress fort the recent vote polls and the strong need to pull over his presidential campaign all he could do is attack, the harder the better. Obama and his campaign spin doctors got to know that as well.

So I wonder about the president’s attitude, about his apparent lack of preparation and his cautious way to approach the debate. With 50 millions of fellow citizens in front of their TV sets and a weak opponent for Obama yesterday there was the chance to crush the republicans for good. Romney has done well, giving a strong performance with an handful of arguments to be put in the field. After a long and bitter campaign for the republican nomination Mitt Romney now looks stronger than before, maybe readier than Obama to carry on this kind of confrontation.

A week from now we will have the second round, a good chance for Obama to recover the first defeat in this campaign. But a week could be a long time when a deluge of TV spots from the Romney’s side and a number of polls that will show some side effect of the first debate.  When it comes to TV debates the focus is on the candidates and not on the technical aspects of their proposals; Barack Obama already knows that and the (symbolic) slap on the face he get last evening will force him to do his best.

GM live, Osama dies”, this has to be the song for democrats next week. This presidency got strong points to show for the record and the tax question, eternal stand-out between republicans and democrats, is to be addressed against Romney, with the focus on his past as a capital-powered shark. Since 2008, starting with the fail of Lehman Brothers, the neo-libertarian theories has been proven wrong in the hardest way. Obama  got to show some spine about it and show for good his will to be the next president of the USA.

My virtual money is still on Obama, for a victory with narrow margins. Time will tell.


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