Round three goes to Obama

Third debate for the 2012 presidential campaign and a strong comeback for Barack Obama. For the democrats was the last chance to block the uprising efforts of Mitt Romney and the current president showed for good what means to be in charge.

Romney has been caught off guard a couple of times and slipped on the recent Libyan crisis, giving quite a bad image of himself. Confused on facts and figures, the republican candidate now has to find a way to put new wind in its sails in order to regain confidence.

Obama played this debate like a game of chess but failed to win a larger consensus. He acts like a good commander in chief but still miss the choice to crush his adversary under the weight of Romney’s own errors. He still looks too cold, too much upper class to stand as a real leader.

Now the things are going to be rough. In the next few days the polls will say how much Obama has recovered and how many states are still disputed. More and more money will be used for television spots and political ads, both contenders will focus primarly on Ohio and Florida.

Once again, my virtual money is on Obama. Still waiting to know what he will do in the next four years.

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