Round four, point for Obama

In this final TV debate, mostly dedicated to foreign policy, the upper hand goes straight for Obama. It’s well known that this is the weak side for Romney and the republican candidate has been caught many times in trouble, even giving his approvation to some of the president’s own choices.

Obama looks coherent, competent and influential fullfilling his role as commander in chief. His only mistake stands on the missed opportunity to nail his opponent down, the democrat candidate seems at a loss when it comes to draw the final punch.

Romney try harder, speaking about economics, to win back the confidence he needs to win the elections and uses every opportunity hw could find to score some good point. Once again Obama reacts well but almost missed the choice to draw away some pressure usign the many contradictions of his opponent.

The audience was huge and the first polls show good results for Obama, in the next few days more polls will tell if the democrats have closed the gap. Swinging states are always the strongest factor in the 2012 elections but some observer adds to the list states like North Carolina, raising the stakes for the november race.

My virtual money stays on Obama, still with a narrow margin of victory.

2 thoughts on “Round four, point for Obama

    • Senza voler offendere Romney, non sembra adeguato alla carica. Abbiamo visto in tempi recenti cosa può fare un presidente scarsamente qualificato, mi riferisco a Bush Jr., e l’entourage del candidato repubblicano è addirittura peggio della banda Cheney-Rumsfeld di qualche anno fa. Il grosso problema si chiama fiscal cliff e chiunque vinca difficilmente trascinerà con sé abbastanza consenso da cambiare i rapporti di potere al Senato.

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