This is my boomstick (award)!

My good friend Cristiano Pugno awarded me with the “This is my boomstick award” last Monday (here). Then another friend, Sam, awarded me again the same day (here).  I have to say, I’m nonplussed.

Addendum: today my long time pal Nicola Parisi added his prize to my lot (here). Thanks!

Never heard of this prize? No problem, I’m here to explain it.


As you may have understood from the image, this prize is based on the iconic figure of Ash, the main character from the “Evil Dead” movies. The idea is to give the prize to the bloggers you like most, with three basic rules. The award has been created by the italian blogger “Hell”, the host of this site.

First rule: you have to give the same prize to seven other bloggers. No more, no less. No “honorable mentions”.

Second rule: the post you will use to present the prize (this post) doesn’t have to include any kind of apology to the bloggers you didn’t choose for the prize.

Third rule: you have to justify the prizes. No need for a Ph.D. thesis. It’s OK to adduce a simple excuse.

What if you choose to refuse the prize and/or you violate the above rules? Well, then you get this award.

bitch please award

Who’s the man in the picture? An italian politician named Camillo Benso, count of Cavour. Now, this is a different story, a long tale. Maybe “Hell” will explain it one of this days.

And now the awards!

The boomstick goes to… (drum roll, please!)

Alessandro Forlani, because he shows no fear in the darkest hour (by the way, he’s a very talented writer, you will find him here)

Enzo Milano, because he’s got to do everything HIS way (guess what, he’s another good writer and here’s his link)

Coriolano, because he needs to think, and think, and think again… (watch out for this guy, he’s working overtime. find him here)

Massimo Mazzoni, because he’s the only cosplayer in the world to show the costume of Stakanov (What? You never meet Stakanov? Find him here.)

Mauro Longo, because when he shows me the ways of Amazon (He’s a skilled blogger, with a deep love for roleplaying. Check him out here)

Mitvisier, because passion and skill can be in the same place (Look at the art, don’t forget the post! Look here)

Raffaele Serafini, because he’s one step forward. Or behind. Or both. (find the reason why here)

7 thoughts on “This is my boomstick (award)!

  1. Veramente ieri ti avevo nominato anche io.
    Si vede che non hai fatto in tempo a leggere il post. 😉
    Facciamo così, comportiamoci come se le risposte che hai dato siano valide anche per me. 😉

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