Operation Sandblast

Imagine a submarine, a dark grey coated ship long more than 130 meters, that slowly enter the dark waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

The submarine got itself a motto, “Nulli Secundus” (Second to none); an acronym, SSRN-586; and finally a name “Triton”. It’s a nuclear-powered ship, ready to perform an impressive mission.

February, the 16th. It’s the 1960. Cold War in full rage, americans and soviets argue about everything. And the US Navy thinks that a little show is to be done. It’s the Operation Sandblast, the first circumnavigation of the world done underwater.


From February, the 24th, to April, the 25th, Triton performed his task setting a number of world records and asserting, once for all, the superiority of US-made submarines over USSR Navy. The message, hidden under the world record, was quite clear: we can do it, you can’t.


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