Italian politics 2013 – the progressive alliance

After the results of the 2013 general elections it’s high time for the main party of the center-left field, “Partito Democratico” (PD) to grow stronger and to complete a generational change in its top levels. From now on Mr. Pierluigi Bersani, current party leader, will have to face the day-by-day challenges of the new national government. A number of high level and/or key assignments in the same government will be assigned to other prominent figures of the party and that gives way to a positive phase of rejuvenation inside PD. The key for the future is in a word: social democracy. The main challenge for PD is to become a modern social democratic party, an open reality where more leftist parties like “Sinistra Ecologia Libertà” (SEL) can easily connect and cooperate, a political subject ready to left behind all the legacies from the 20th century.

Pierluigi Bersani

Pierluigi Bersani

These will be hard years for Italy, a five-year term where center-left is once again called to reform and modernize the country in order to join the top European countries (such as Germany and France) in the effort to end the economic crisis and to help the EU to grow stronger again. From 2008 italian population is forced to face a growing inflation, a higher level of unemployment, plus a general uncertainty at all levels for the aggravation of the worst problems (tax elision, tax evasion, organized crime cartels, infrastructures, school levels, public welfare). It’s like to be caught between a rock and a hard place being at the helm of a country like Italy today, where every possible effort is to be inscribed in a figure given by an enormous national debt and the agreements done with EU authorities. There will be a huge political price to pay.

Nichi Vendola

Nichi Vendola

For parties like SEL it will be even harder to get an acceptable give-and-take between ideology and the hard reality of today. In order to face the pressure from the Holy See (not open at all on civil liberties) and the need for social issues (i.e. more money for welfare and public schools), SEL will have to connect strongly with the PD and accept all the criticism from the left-wing parties, a confused array of micro realities that are always in the need of screaming blue murder for every new law approved and/or for every voice in the national budget connected to Defense or Police forces. If SEL could work its way thru the national government in order to promote some of its program it will be a great victory for its leader, Nichi Vendola, and a good bet for the future of the party. Not an easy task, there will be far less money to be invested than before and every euro got to be used properly.

A little role is to played by “Centro Democratico” (CD) and by “Partito Socialista Italiano” (PSI); two small parties, with little electoral base, who needs to be visible to continue their existence. Bruno Tabacci (CD) and Riccardo Nencini (PSI) are seasoned veterans of the political game and they could be very useful to attract in the parliamentary groups defectors from other parties (that happens more than often in Italy).  their diplomatic work will be useful too in the next few weeks, when it will come to elect the new president of the Republic.

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