A step closer to the victory over HIV

Last Monday I got news about an article on New York Times (thanks to Davide Mana), it’s about a succesful try to cure HIV infection from a baby. It’s not the answer that everybody would like to get, it’s not a vaccine nor a cure for all the people who are already infected by this virus. But it’s another step on this hard road and this step give us a hope for all the children whose mothers are HIV positive.

Deborah Persaud

Deborah Persaud

Andrew Pollack and Donald G. McNeil Jr did an amazing job (check it out, here), telling a story that could open a breach in the never-ending siege of the HIV castle.  As reported in the NYT, United Nations give a figure of roughly 3000,00 children infected every year worldwide. If the therapy explained by Dr. Deborah Persaud could be replicated (it takes no new moleculae nor new medical apparatus) that could set up a real change in many countries.

It’s a matter of money to get this kind of things done worldwide. Money and will.

4 thoughts on “A step closer to the victory over HIV

    • That will be great but I don’t think we are that close. This step is quite important for the choice to clean up infection when it’s still far from establish the “hidden reservoir” that enable HIV-family viruses to return into action after treatments. If it works it could be used for adults too shortly after an exposure to the viruses.

  1. An important step indeed.
    And as you rightfully point out, these things don’t just happen by themselves, but must be pursued with effort, funds and a general positive context that help this to be achieved.

    • Funding HIV research is not high in the priority list nowadays. It’s more appealing to look for new chemicals cancer-related, to suppress early Alzheimer symptoms or such. Find a vaccine or a cure for a virus like HIV is a potential milestone for medicine, not to mention the millions of people who are infected and the billion who’s at risk every day.

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