Top 5 – favorite moments in old movies

You know how are the rules of the house, on Sunday it’s time for fun after a week devoted to serious matters (it’s my house and my own set of rules, got it?).

Today the topic are old movies and bits of their magic, with the feelings of a middle-aged grunt like I am.

#5 – The shoulder injury.

It’s an all-time classic. The hero is hit by a bullet in the left shoulder. He got it with a grin and goes on fighting.

Grunt corner: goes on my a$$! Even a small calibre hurt like hell shortly after the initial shock.

mad love

#4 – The scream.

Another great classic, usually in the first part of a movie. A lady (or a girl) discovers the body of a victim, raises her hands to the mouth and screams. Possible variant: she could faint shortly after.

Grunt corner: A scream? In the real world people goes right into shock, then puke all around.

bette davis

#3 – The explaination of evil.

Another scene repeated many times; the hero is down or costrained, his enemy stops before killing him to explain with great detail his evil masterplan, usually with the names of all his accomplices.

Grunt corner: no idiot in the world will do such a thing.

Crimson Ghost

#2 – The long brawl.

Finally the hero and his archenemy comes to a show-down, usually starting with weapons then to the bare hands. Each one delivers enough strong blows to kill a dozen men and/or performs any incredible gimmick to deliver an hit. The hero is almost defeated by a vicious attack but find a last effort to save the day.

Grunt corner: if anybody could take such a punishment he will be made of concrete, no less. It’s funny anyway.

lee marvin

#1 – The dark Lady.

Admit it, it’s of your favorites too. The first moment the dark lady shows up, dressed to kill and with a cigarette in her hand. Even the most hardened hero blinks for a second and all the other characters are left with their mouths open.

Grunt corner: …ooh…


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