Pope Francis and the others

So we got a brand new Pope, an argentinian cardinal named Jorge Mario Bergoglio, who choose to be named Francis (in italian Francesco).  This is the first time that a latin-american becomes Pope, and the first time for a Jesuit too.

Former Cardinal Bergoglio refer his new name to one of greatest names in the history of the Catholic Church, Saint Francis of Assisi, a synonim for being humble and pius, a man who choosed to live in poverty to be near the weakest.

You see, I’m italian. We like to imagine plot over plot inside the Catholic Church. And the new Pope is a Jesuit, kind of a trademark for being far more clever than the others. So, I thought about Jesuits and the name Francesco (Francis) keep coming out.


How about Francesco Saverio? He’s a saint and a prominent character in the history of the Jesuit order for his activity in Asia. Or what about Francesco Borgia? Another saint, well remembered for his activity inside the order.  Again, what about Giovanni Francesco Regis? He’s a saint too, with a good relevance in the Jesuit tradition.

Do you need another Francesco? Here he is, Francesco De Geronimo, another saint from the 18th century.

So what Francis are we talking about? One from the Jesuits or the most famous one?

Note: this is a sarcastic post. To make a joke about all the theories about world domination and the catholic church, about this one as the last Pope and, finally, about the “black Pope” as the antichrist.


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