Top 5 – more great moments from old movies

You know how are the rules of the house, on Sunday it’s time for fun after a week devoted to serious matters (it’s my house and my own set of rules, got it?).

Today the topic are old movies once again, same with the feelings of a middle-aged grunt like I am.

#5 – The evil twin.

A plot device straight from the 19th century novels and the chance for double roles for talented actors. In modern movies it looks like that put the good guy behind bars is not politically correct…

The Grunt corner: A nasty trick, that’s for sure! The bad twin never wins and rarely survive the movie. That’s unfair.


#4 – Swashbucklers!

This is one of a kind, a true moment of fun for me. From every version of “The three Musketeers” to every “Zorro” ever made, going thru pirate movies and medieval stories.

The Grunt corner: Yeah! More steel please!


#3 Air Aces

I’m mad about aviation and absolutely devoted to the memory of early air aces, people who manned aircrafts made mostly of wood and fabric. Movies about WWI are still my favorites in this subgenre, with their artisanal FX effects.

The Grunt corner: those guy got guts, no problem about it. Just cut the crap about romance, please.


#2 Dinosaurs!

For an adventure, what’s best of a lost world ridden of dinosaurs of all sizes? Giant lizards on rampage, damsel in distress and a group of savages for the sake of it.

The Grunt corner: yeah, add as many errors as you can when it came to represent dinosaurs, their habits and their chunk of evolution.


#1 The femme fatale.

Dark and dangerous women, ready to kill at will to reach their objectives. Always with poison or a gun at hand, a smile on their lips and two magnificent eyes. Dames to kill for…

The Grunt corner: awesome indeed. A pity you will not survive a second after one of these women realize that you’re not useful anymore.


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