What a noble man can’t do

Yesterday the italian minister for foreign affairs, Mr. Giuliomaria Terzi di Sant’Agata, resign his mandate in a public session of the Camera dei Deputati (it’s the House of Representatives). His speech was quite emotional, full of words like “dignity”, “honor” and “duty”. From a formal point of view, even a good speech.

The reasons to resign the mandate are related to the crisis between India and Italy, one of the worst diplomatic events in the history of our republic. Mr. Terzi di Sant’Agata was one of the main actors in this crisis, he got a pivotal role in the decision to keep two italian soldiers (Massimiliano Latorre and Salvatore Girone from Battailion San Marco) at home in spite of the previous agreement with the Indian central government.

giulio terzi

I’ve titled this post about ‘a noble man’.  Mr. Terzi di Sant’Agata indeed got all the trademarks of a noble. He’s a baron, a marquis, a count and a knight. I’m not joking, he’s the descendant of a noble family. A pity that Italy doesn’t recognize any of this titles. Ostensibly Mr. Terzi doesn’t remember his noble heritage as well. He forgot his long-term family tradition when it comes to act in order to guarantee the honor of our country, tha same applies for what happened yesterday.

You see, it’s all about politics these days. And personal interest as well. Mr. Terzi, shortly before his speech, assured the prime minister Mario Monti that he will not give up his mandate. The truth is that he already got a private agreement with the center-right party in order to get a safe seat in the next parliament. That was his price to deliver his resignation speech, another hard blow to the italian government.

Mr. Terzi got all the show for him yesterday. He walks away from his role, caring nothing about our country, our soldiers in India, about all the issues that are in the political agenda these days. What we got it’s another face in the gallery of the unworthy in the history of Italian Republic, another day of shame in front of our allies worldwide. A real nobleman indeed.

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