Fear of the Dark

The title of this post came from an old Iron Maiden song (an all-time favorite for me) but I’m not here today to write about music, the focus is about fear itself. A peculiar kind of fear, the one about money. Like it or not, these are tough times for everybody and even in our so-called “first world” we’re experiencing fear big time. Last year here in Italy we got as much as one million job losses (more than 13% plus than 2012), a huge number everywhere but in a country with about 60 million people and about 27 million potential workers is a big chunk of reality to be swallowed.


So here comes the fear. Fear of a future that could be darker than expected, fear to lose our jobs, fear of being caught in a financial meat-grinder and to become another statistic in a gloomy chart titled “poverty”. We fear to be forced to pull down our lifestyle, we fear to be pushed to the extreme limits of dignity, we shake to the news of every chapter-11 procedures that surfaces on the media. Fear can be dangerous of course. Dangerous enough to force the most scared of us to commit suicide, or to kill the loved ones before doing the same.

This kind of fear appears everyday on the media, in order to give some blood to a famelic audience, always on the ready for the next gore show. What they do not show is the real deal, the numbers that certifies the end of the capitalistic era. The few voices that are yelling this message are kept apart, as far as they can from the public view. This use of fear is the base to build empires in politics, in the financial markets, a drive for power for the ones who are so crazy to resurrect the dead ideologies of the ‘900. You see them in Greece or in Bulgaria, you can look them straight in the eyes in Hungary. It’s using fear to dominate other fears.

Remember Weimar. It’s not so far away.


4 thoughts on “Fear of the Dark

  1. Surely fear is something to be fighted and avoided, ’cause like Davide and the Bene Gesserit said, it can kill.
    Anyway, if you remove the fear generated and feeded by the ones that use it as an mean to exert their control, it is still difficult not to be at least worried.

    And, yes, like I have already told other times, I see to many similarities from our present situation and the one at the beginning of ’90 too.

    • As you know, I’m worried too about all the economics (yes, mine too!). There are a lot of ghastly similitudes between 2013 and 1930, that’s for sure. With a turbo factor given by the omnipresent media and all the pressure given by a global poor’s man war. Removing fear from this situation is a first step to solve problems.

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