I’m back

It takes to me some days to re-think this little place, to find if it’s a good thing to be here or not. It is for me. So I’m back.

This doesn’t mean that everything is OK. I’m still a lot worried about my personal issues and stuff and I’m more and more worried about my country, Italy.

For the next few months this blog will be devoted to explain to english-speaking readers what the hell is going on in Italy, what they can expect to happen in the most unusual european country of all history, the only place where drama is not so dramatic and where comedy won’t stop crying.

Meanwhile I’ve to come back as an author too. So every now and then I will post some story, parts of a bigger story I’m setting up. You see, I’m in a bad situation but the word “surrender” does not find a place in my mind. I came from a long, long line of grunts, people who simply can’t understand when it’s over. It will be over when my heart will stop, not a moment before.


13 thoughts on “I’m back

  1. Nice having you back.
    Sorry for the bad situation – I understand perfectly, and the feeling of helplessness is becoming oppressive for us all.
    But I agree with you – it’s not over till we say it is.
    Hold on!

  2. Good to here this from you my friend. I just hope you’ll resolve your issues asap.
    And as I say a lot this days…

    Never back down, never surrender.

  3. Yes, I can understand.
    I leave you this song… in the end Busta wears a shirt with this phrase: “Failure is not an Option”.
    Be strong my friend

  4. Welcome back, bro!
    Sad to hear that you are not having good times, you know that I can understand.
    The most important thing in these situations is to hold on and keep at it, no matter what. It might seem a rather silly phrase, but it is true that failure is a state of mind.
    For what is worth, you know that if you need some kind of support, if I can help, you know where to find me.

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