Tri-lateral stand-off / understanding italian politics

There is an old say, “when it comes to tragedy, in Italy always surfaces a prank“. Maybe it’s the better way to look at the actual condition of my country, a place where nothing is simple. We’re in the deepest economic crisis ever, unemployment levels are getting higher every day and the national government is nothing but a hostage in the hands of two parties that hate each other. Basically they have to do a lot but they don’t really know what’s needed to solve this crisis and for almost everything there’s a mined field of crisscrossed political vetoes.

You see, it’s a stand-off. With three players on the field, each with a weak spot and a loaded gun in each hand. For the PdL, the party owned by Mr. Berlusconi, the weak spot is then leader himself  who’s on the edge of a number of legal issues that could wipe him out of the scene. Mr. Berlusconi is also the owner of a number of media companies, some in TV business. Using a TV frequency in Italy is possible under a public agreement (a form of concession) and for our laws who hold such a concession cannot be elected. So this center-right party is quite nervous about the destiny of his leader/owner and every other day menace to step down from the national government. They fear that PD and M5S, who hold a majority in both houses of the Parliament if they got an agreement, could boost an impeachment against Mr. Berlusconi.

Again, it’s a stand-off. The PD set up a new law, still to  be proposed in the Parliament, that force every party in the public arena to be legally constituted as legal subjects. That will put out of competition the M5S, whose leader Mr. Grillo already promised to stand out from the next round of general election if this law is approved. That will probably cause a national unrest, that’s what Mr. Grillo is saying. M5S got itself a lot of consensus channeling public outrage about politicians and the economy problems, so there’s a real choice to have riots if this “movement” will be put out of competition.

There’s a different level of stand-off, the one inside the PD. With the pact concluded with PdL, seen as unholy by the a vast majority of its supporters, the inner war inside this party is going on full rage. Old timers against young Turks, former members of the leftist part against the one from the catholic-oriented wing, local bosses that try to get more influence and small-time sharks that are in frenzy for all this political blood.

So everybody is screaming about this things and nobody is doing what’s needed to save my country. Once again, it’s prank time.


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