A celebration for the long shadows

Three men. Three legends. A day to speak about the immense power of imagination and a little post to pay homage to countless authors, film makers and artist that gave me something with their talents in the last three decades.

I’m talking about Peter Cushing (born May, 26 1913), Vincent Price (born May 27, 1911) and Christoper Lee (born May 27, 1922). If do not know who this gentlemen are please abandon this blog and never come back, thank you.


As my friend Davide Mana wonderfully does yesterday (check out his post HERE) it’s time to celebrate the Shadows (the aforementioned iconic actors), doing my best to share some thoughts about how much imagination helped me since childhood and how much I still need to be challenged by the works of fiction that showed me the importance of alternative way of thinking, how important are for me the gifts of courage and self-determination, how much I hate to be confined in the self-imposed cages of narrative genders.

So it’s time for the “festa delle ombre lunghe”, the celebration for the long shadows.


I’m not here to tell you how many books I’ve read or how many times I’ve dreamed about any fantastic world I visited in a book. No. It’s about the shadows, the thrills and the chills of a good story, it’s about how many times I continued to read long after midnight in the chase for the end, it’s about the reason why I can read one hundred pages for hour and have fun. You see, I’m a dreamer. A dreamer who works hard, who’s got a family of his own and all the worries about economy and the politics and the future of my relatives and friends. Just like you.

I’m not here to tell you about how does it feel for me to write a story on my own. I’m not a full-time professional writer but I AM a writer. Capital letters are intentional, got me? Because I like to create a story, I want to share this story, to get some feedback and go on this way. I’m dreaming about the moment when my six-year old son will be able to read (he will start primary school this September) in order to share with him some of the adventure classics, I want to see in his eyes that wonder that discriminate dreamers from the others. Yes, the others. The one that stop dreaming along the way.

You see, I’ve a theory about all the renewed success of the zombie-related narrative. I think that a number of people can feel the difference between the ones that still are able to dream and the others, the people who cannot do that anymore. A zombie is an undead creature, something that simply refuse to stop and continue to mimic the basic of the human behavior until it’s stopped. How many people do you know that are just like that? How many former friends and relatives are in such a state, unable to speak about themselves but always on the ready to speak about money and greed?

Take a bit of time for yourselves. To dream the dream and to share your dreams with the ones who can understand. Before that, use another bit of your time to check out the biographies of the three gentlemen, about the long shadows. Peter Cushing, Vincent Price and Christoper Lee. Discover their lives, you’ll not regret the experience.

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