Under a new sky – chapter 4

Note: this is a work of fiction, with all the usual stuff about copyright and permission. It’s also a work in progress and a way to develop my knowledge of the english language. So feel free to correct, debate, laugh, ask about it in the comments. Help appreciated.

You may find the prologue here.

Chapter 1 is here.

Chapter 2 is here.

Chapter 3 is here.

Chapter four.

The wounded soldier writhed, his arms and legs spasmed with great violence. From his chest wound boiling blood erupted all around, meanwhile his eyes turned completely red and a tortured scream come out, a sound of pure agony. It took him maybe ten seconds to die. I’ve been on many battlefields, I’ve seen death many times but I simply cannot forget that man.

I turned to the lady, with my Bowie still in my right hand.

«What the hell is going on here? And where I am?»

She tried to smile.

«Your kind asks alway the same questions, just like the old stories from my grandfather. You’re far away from home, you already know that. We call this planet Zeranta and you’re in the middle of a war. You see, your kind is quite special here.»

She was young but I remember the pity in her eyes.

«If you survive the next few hours you will become the most powerful man in this country, maybe the most powerful man in our world. That if you can resist the madness.»

I was shocked, there was too much to be understood. In a matter of few minutes I’ve killed a whole lot of people and this stunning blonde was speaking about power and madness. I was feeling dizzy and misplaced.

«I know you’re confused but there’s no time now. They are coming back and we are too few to resist anymore. Do your best to stay alive and try to contact my brother, he will help you to understand our world. Look here.»«

She turned and pulled up her long hairs, exposing her neck. There was a blue and black tattoo, a portrait of a long-fanged beast.


«This is our sign, the birthmark of our family. Look for this symbol, try to find my brother. His name is Keller.»

The sounds of many screams interrupted her, it was like a single word repeated many times.

«What now?»

«They are coming for us. They know you’re here and that their only hope is to destroy us before sunset.»

She picked up a shield and a short sword, a grim smile on her face.

«We will fight to death to protect your life. Remember that if you survive this night.»

I was astonished but a fight is something that cannot be misunderstood. I put my Bowie back in its sheath and loaded a new clip in my gun.

«That’s it. We will talk again later. What’s your name?»

«I’m Kellan.»

«Very well Kellan, let’s see how many bastards we could send to your Hell.»

We moved to the front line, just in time to see the first wave coming up the hill. There were hundreds of them, no way to walk out of this battle alive. I started to laugh and a few moments later my allies were doing the same, louder and louder.

When Death come, just spit in her eyes.


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