Under a new sky – chapter 7

Note: this is a work of fiction, with all the usual stuff about copyright and permission. It’s also a work in progress and a way to develop my knowledge of the english language. So feel free to correct, debate, laugh, ask about it in the comments. Help appreciated.


Chapter seven.

The soldiers tore the tent apart in a hurry, leaving me exposed to the light of the day. It was close to dawn, the sun was low on the horizon. What a sun! I realized that the star at the center of this solar system wasn’t like our Sun, it was a giant blue star.


I was really scared, all that omens about sunlight gave me the creeps. The Hunters finished to dismantle the tent and then retreat, leaving a large circle with me, K and their commander in the center. Nobody spoke for a while, my guess was that they were waiting for the show. My vision was strange, shadows and contrast weren’t right at all. I was about to say something when the pain started. All of a sudden my skin was on fire and I was shaking against the chains that blocked me to the ground. Even with my eyes closed that blue light found its way right to my brain, setting everything afire. I could almost feel my mind break, erased by that pain. I screamed, I know that, I screamed at the top of my lungs until something else happened.

The pain abruptly ended.

I was standing up on my feet again.

The bronze chains at my wrists were broken.

My full body was shaking again, the urge of doing something was unbearable.

I’ve never felt myself so powerful, it was like becoming a powerhouse.

About ten yards to my left there was a huge rock, bigger than a city car. My intention was to walk in that direction but I found myself leaping there, just a small step. I put my hands on the front of that rock and started to push it, moving more that a ton with absolute ease. So I changed my position until I found a grip to pick it up. I raised that rock over my head, it was a very little effort. So I turned around until I could look in the direction of my enemy. He was looking back, the grip on my knife firm and the blade just an inch away from K. He started to laugh at me, a crazy sparkle in his eyes. After a moment I was laughing too then I hurled that rock as far away as I could. That thing landed a good two hundred yards from me with a loud crash.

It wasn’t over yet. The urge in my muscles was back, a pressure that I simply couldn’t deny. I started to jump in the direction of the dawn, using the energy of every jump to fuel the next, every time going higher and faster. I didn’t know how much distance I covered, that was simply for the pure joy of being a superhuman. It was wonderful. It took all my sense of discipline to stop and only the image of K, used as a hostage, was enough to force me back. Another series of jumps got me back to the Hunter’s camp until I landed ten yards from their commander.

Both of us were grinning.

Both of us were mad.

Who the hell you calling crazy?...

A few minutes later the sun finally dawned, leaving red and pink streaks in the sky. Something strange happened then, it was like being shrunked to the size of a garden gnome. I felt empty and all the burden of that strange day hit me like a train. I passed away, falling on the ground like a puppet.


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