Under a new sky – chapter 9

Note: this is a work of fiction, with all the usual stuff about copyright and permission. It’s also a work in progress and a way to develop my knowledge of the english language. So feel free to correct, debate, laugh, ask about it in the comments. Help appreciated.

You may find the index here.

Chapter nine.

The last travel day was different. A lot of stop-and-go, more noise from outside and different smells, some powerful enough to overcome my own stench. There was a lot people all around for three or four hours. Then there was another change, we moved again until the carriage finally stop. Somebody pulled out my box and after some time opened it. I found myself inside a massive structure made of dark stone, surrounded by the henchmen of Halkan.

A lot of them took their time to fuss around until an old Hunter tossed me some clothes. After a while he got me in a small cell, closed by a set of bronze bars thick as my wrist.

With no godblood at all.

They let me without drugs for a full day, with little food and water. I couldn’t even sleep. Every now and then some henchman showed up, poke me hard with a long wooden stick and go away laughing. That was to break me down, the ease of the whole procedure was more than enough to prove how many times they did the same before.


The next day the old Hunter came back with my helmet and my combat vest. What followed was an old style interrogation about how to build such an equipment. When he was disappointed about my answers he poured some drops of drug on the floor, when he was satisfied he gave me some stuff to keep me going. It was nothing short of a humiliation for me. The funny part was about the information they got from me. Without an advanced level of industrialization it was impossible for them to duplicate materials such as Kevlar, nylon and hard ceramic, not to mention the whole family of polymers.

The next day was about the same but after another night without sleep I was useless for them. I played the part of the broken man, refusing to eat and to drink. My point was to trick them to come in my cell and try to kill at least one of those sick bastards before the end. That idea didn’t work, they simply let me sleep for a few hours. Later the Hunter came back, this time with my Army tags and what was left of my BDU. He asked me at length about the strength of the kingdom where I came from and about the weapons we use. I pictured to him a planet in arms, where every single man or woman was enlisted and trained to modern combat. For the weapons I used every single science fiction movie I could remember of. That old killer was impressed by just one information, a chunk of truth in a sea of lies, about Earth population. The concept of seven billion people was hard for him, I’ve had to explain what a billion is.

The third day was quite different. I was escorted to another part of the castle where I could finally wash myself again then they fetch me a change of dresses. I could even eat without problems at all. Then the old Hunter came back, fresh shaven and in a black leather uniform.

“It’s time for you to meet your doom. Today will you face the Omniplan and discover what’s your place in Zeranta.”

He chained me again, a cold smile of anticipation on his thin lips.

“We will win this war, trust me. With or without you. With or without that little rebel bitch.”

His voice was dripping poison all over me.

“A moment after the victory you will be mine. And the bitch too. My Lord knows that I can keep both of you alive for weeks while I have fun.”

The soldiers drag me away. It was time.


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