It feels good to write again


There’s a curious mix of satisfaction and anticlimax when I finish one of my projects, a bit of sadness to spice a little joy. A few days ago I completed the first draft of a novelette with the working title of “Under a new sky”. It’s the same work I’m posting here every Sunday, it will last in that format until late October. Even if it’s an incomplete job it’s a kind of a milestone to me for a number of reasons.

It’s my first novelette written in English;

It’s my first try to post one of my works on a regular basis;

It’s my first work in the “planetary romance” genre (or sub-genre);

It’s the longest story I’ve ever written in English.


What will happen to this text in the future? The first step is to have some proof readers, people whose judgment I trust. It’s up to them to tell me if this work of mine is good enough to be expanded and revised or not. If this novelette will be appreciated it will be developed from the current figure of about 19,000 words to no less than 25,000. Otherwise it will be abandoned.

The second step will be performed only after the completion of a second draft, if any. The novelette will be released as a self-production in the Amazon’s ebook market for a little price ($1 or $2). That will be another milestone for me, being the first time of a commercial development for one of my English-written works.

It’s somewhat curious that I like to write fiction in English, far more than in my native language. I’m already thinking about a new story, it’s been ages since the last time I got the feeling of a development process like this. I get some creative wind in my mind’s sails, it feels real good.


6 thoughts on “It feels good to write again

  1. Congratulations boss!
    Writing in another language is always stimulating, it forces you to use the your best knowledge of the said language and by doing this you have a great opportunity to learn, which is always rewarding also by itself.

    Anyway, now the conspirationists will wonder why you have posted a milestone leading to Davide. It’s always the same “magna magna” 😉

    • That image is a lucky shot an a wonderful way to cast a joke. 🙂
      Writing is still a joy, I’ve lost it in the last year and it’s good to feel it again. For the language I’m still far away from the target but I’m still alive, right? Maybe in my old age I will finally master English.
      How about you pal?

      • Rediscovering these seeming “lost” features is always nice, especially because usually we find that we really never lost them, we had just choose (or were forced) to forgot about them; but nonetheless there they stood, they are our staples and couldn’t simply vanish away. We think that we don’t have the energies to pursue them, but the truth is that they are giving energy to us. On a sidenote, I’m also slowly experiencing something of a personal rediscovering of many things that I left apart, and that’s good.

        Anyway, don’t ever complain about your english, and if you really want to know how good you are at it, try a couple of lessons of german 😉

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