Under a new sky – chapter 12

Note: this is a work of fiction, with all the usual stuff about copyright and permission. It’s also a work in progress and a way to develop my knowledge of the english language. So feel free to correct, debate, laugh, ask about it in the comments. Help appreciated.

You may find the index here.

Chapter twelve.

I found a rhythm in my jumps, a sort of regularity. Each jump put another good two hundred yards between us and the Halkan’s fortress. The sheer sensation of being so powerful was enough to set up a large grin on my face and having Kellan in my arms was close to perfection. For her that way of travelling was really hard but she never complained. Once out of town the landscape was mostly barren with little signs of human activity, most of it from farms. There were few stone paved roads and no sign of shrines or churches. Our passage was always noticed, everybody took cover when we approached a farm or a village. That was a real problem for me, it was impossible to be undetected.

After an hour or so I took a break near a little river. I wasn’t tired at all but I was worried about Kellan. She was pale, but still in full control of herself. She removed my helmet and the body armor, both far too big for her frame. Then she looked at me and started to laugh.

Look at yourself… that’s ridiculous”

She pointed at my feet. I took a look myself, my combat boots were destroyed from the ankle down. All the impacts from the jumps were too much, even for standard Army issues. I made a face and that was even more ridiculous for her. It took a while for her to settle down.

Kellan, we have to go away as fast as possible. But we need to be more covert too. Everybody can see us jumping, Halkan will find us in no time. Is there a place where we can hide? Where are your troops?”

There’s so much you still don’t know, doesn’t you? Me and my brother, we don’t have an army at all. We lead a rebellion against the King but all that we can do in the last five years was to set free some small town near the Pole. It’s less than a sixth of the Kingdom and now they will crush our republic. You see, Harkon was waiting for you and he will move his army any day soon.”

I was fighting to control my own body, it was very difficult to stand still with that much energy available. What Kellan was telling me was absurd.


Wait a minute, you are saying that your king already knows about me? That’s impossible. Until a few days ago I was on Earth.”

He doesn’t know exactly about you. What we all know was that there was the choice for a Terran to come here. It happens with a regular frequency, the Omniplan always tell us the right time and place. “

So every now and then anybody pops up from Earth? How many people of my kind are on Zeranta right now?”

Just you. The contact could happen four or five times each year, it doesn’t always work. Most of the times nobody arrives here.”

Kellan, what about the others?”

She didn’t answer for a while.

They go mad. You may became so powerful that… that you simply lose touch with reality. Some Terran committed suicide, others were killed by us. In the chronicles is reported that some of your kind go south and tried to go across the desert. You’re the only one now.”

Does anybody from Zeranta reach Earth in the past?”

A number of adventurers tried to go, that’s reported in the chronicles too. Nobody comes back.”

Time was running out, we had to move before sunset and I found myself unable to stop moving.

I need to move now but later you have to go on explaining what’s going on here. Can we reach your brother before sunset?”

I don’t think so. You can travel very fast but the distance is too much, even for your jumps. What we can do is to find some of our friends. If you can get us far enough it will be easier to reach them.”

Very good. Get back helmet and armor, you will safer in that way”.

We resumed our travel, one might jump at a time. It was already past noon, time was against us.


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