Under a new sky – chapter 13

Note: this is a work of fiction, with all the usual stuff about copyright and permission. It’s also a work in progress and a way to develop my knowledge of the english language. So feel free to correct, debate, laugh, ask about it in the comments. Help appreciated.

You may find the index here.

Chapter thirteen.

Our travel to the North Pole was amazing, no doubt about it. I’ve tried to run instead of jumping and to combine both movements with mixed results. I was very fast while running, good enough to break all known records on Earth. After 50 or so yards of acceleration the successive jump could gain as far as another two hundred yards of distance. That was too much for Kellan, so I resumed my jumping pace. Just half an hour before sunset we reached a valley between two low hills. I still wasn’t tired, my superhuman condition was far beyond my best expectations.

Kellan was very tired. We stopped just twice for a few minutes, barely enough for her to catch her breath. Once back in her homeland she was more than happy to take the lead.

Listen, we’re just a mile or so from one of our villages. It’s better for us to walk for a while. You have to understand that short after sunset you power will vanish in seconds. Do they continue to give you godblood at the castle?”

Yeah, they do. It was the prize for my interrogation sessions. Do you think I will have problems for that?”

Yes. Usually we use a drop, maybe two in a day. You’ve been forced to get far more than that from the start. Even with all the differences between our species it’s still a lot of drug for a single man. You… you could be doomed, I don’t know if somebody could survive to that.”

By the look she was near to cry. I simply couldn’t believe that the shakedown from a drug, even a powerful one, could really kill me. But we got more urgent problems on our way. From the valley came a group of four riders, two of them with a couple of that monster dogs that I’ve seen before with Halkan.

Kellan, please tell me that they are friends.”

Not at all. They’re Red Guards.”

By the look she was too tired, even for desperation. I was too much charged to accept a failure.

Go away. Find that village and get in touch with your brother. It’s time for me to show them that I’m a real monster. Go!”

Without looking back I charged my new enemies. With a bit of luck Kellan could evade the fight zone and escape, what I had to do was to keep them focused on me. I picked up two rocks, both of the size of my fist. Then I hurled the first in the direction of the newcomers with all the power I could summon. The effect was amazing. That poor bastard didn’t had the time to duck or to raise his shield, that rock got him square in the chest and knocked him out from his saddle. I shoot out the second rock, this time I got one of the horses, that huge beast whined in pain and tried to go away.


The first answer of the Red Guards was to release their dogs. Four enormous creatures, each one bigger than a pony. They were faster too. I found two more rocks to throw at them and I missed the second shot after killing the first with a direct hit in the head. Then they reached me, three black nightmares all fangs and talons. I welcomed the first with a straight right fist that got him in the forehead, crashing its skull and spraying its brains all around. The second tested its fangs on my left forearm with the result of losing a lot of them. The third I got mid-air with both hands on its neck. It took just a little pressure to break it, the noise was quite loud.

I’ve to say that those Red Guards were willing to fight. Maybe they weren’t so brilliant but the word “retreat” simply didn’t exists in their textbook. They charged at me at maximum speed, even the one that I got off his saddle, with their lances leveled to the ground. I didn’t have the time to get more rocks, so I used the dog’s corpses instead. Two of the horses trampled over the bodies, tossing their riders away. One of them broke his neck, the other found its doom under his own horse. That gave me room enough to take the fight directly to the riders. I jumped over the one at my right, managing to fall on him to the ground. His ribcage collapsed, killing him in a matter of seconds. The last one was good enough to hit me in the back with its lance, I felt the heavy bronze blade broke under the pressure. The recoil was enough to broke his right arm, he was still screaming when I broke his neck.

In the last moments of sunlight I had a moment to look around. No sign of Kellan. All around me there were dead bodies and wounded horses, I was covered in blood. I could hear more horses approaching, more soldiers for sure. Then there was no more sunlight and the weight of the world felled upon me.

Once again I passed out.


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