There’s something going on in Germany

In the last two weeks I’ve spent a good time toying with a number of different ideas,  all about a brand new novel to start as soon as possible. You see, to me it’s a matter of different images, sounds and suggestions like jigsaw pieces until “BANG” a lot of elements connect to give me the foundations of a new work.

I was thinking about a pulp oriented character, one of those massive anti-hero all gun-blazing, with clenched fists and a square jaw. Of course he got to have two guns (just like The Spider or The Shadow, do you remember?) and my weapon of choice is this one.


The C96 lead to a second element, the idea of an early ‘900 ambientation. It’s a wonderful territory to play with, just think about biplanes, dirigibles, the liberty and two tonnes of wonderful historical characters to use without any shame.
The third element is supernatural. C’mon, if you dare to adventure and you’re looking for pulp you cannot refuse this kind of development. So I add to the common evil doers at least an awful creature from another dimension.
The fourth thing to think about of course is the main villain. Somebody larger-than-life, used to mobsters and cultist, ready to plot something spectacular to put the hero and everybody else in peril. By the way, in my imagination an evil version of Cary Grant took form.

cary grant

After these steps I found myself blocked, unable to go on. The problem was: where the hell I put all that? USA? No, I’m not ready for that. Italy? Not this time, even if it was a very dangerous place in the first two decades of the XX century. Far East? It’s good but I’m unfamiliar with those countries except China (Boxer revolution, anyone?)
I was losing momentum, then other two elements “click” together. Revolution? Mauser? Of course, the German revolution!!! The end of all german kingdoms and the fall of the last Kaiser. To me, it’s perfect.

NYT end of WWI

So now you know what’s going on. Soon a monster will be on the loose in Berlin, villains will be close to gain power, a gorgeous lady will be in peril…

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