2MMN – the making of the final chapter

This week ends one of the most interesting project of collective writing in the italian section of the blogosphere; yes, the second season of 2MM is over and it was up to me to write the final chapter.

For the english-speaking readers, a bit of introduction about the 2MM project. The main idea was to develop a super-hero universe with a modern taste, using the method of the round-robin. The main force of this project is Alessandro Girola, a well-known italian blogger (he’s one hell of a writer and essayist), who created the initial setting and took care of the organization needed. The project got a blog of his own, every week a new chapter was ready for the audience.


“Due minuti a mezzanotte” or 2MM can be translated as “Two minutes to midnight”, it’s a direct reference to a symbolic clock (nicknamed Doomsday Clock) created in 1947 by the board of directors of the Bullettin of the Atomic Scientist of Chicago to depict how close humankind is to a possible nuclear disaster. The closer the clock is to midnight, the closer is the apocalypse.

So the start setting of 2MM was about facing a crisis, with a main antagonist strong enough to face the most powerful super-heroes of the world. There were 34 chapters in the first season, with a lot of action and drama every week. It was up to me to write the last chapter and it was a rollercoaster ride, played on excess and science fiction references.

First season was very well received from italian bloggers, so it was no surprise the start of a second season with the name “2MM Nativity” based of the aftermath of the first run and focalized on a new treath, given by a mysterious company named “Hypothetical Inc.”. Alessandro Girola was on the helm again and I found myself enrolled for the second time, again with the task of writing the final chapter.

Nativity Banner particolare

The second season was very different from the first for the feeling; it was darker, more violent and desperate. The new villains were in a extremely high power range and whole nations like Greece, Egypt and India were at stake with do-or-die situations. As the season developed in the last few months I found myself wondering about what to do: when super-heroes are so close to gods what you can do with them?

The last chapters, the 24th written by Paolo “Narratore” Ungheri e the 25th written by Angelo “Sommobuta” Cavallaro, expanded again the main setting in order to set the clock very close to midnight (and explaining a whole lot about the 2MM version of world history). So the final choice was mine. A little push to destroy everything or to find a way to set things back in motion again. A black or white decision to make, with less than a week of time to write it down.

My bad luck gave me a little complication in the form of a huge toothache with a number of collateral problems; so I don’t know who really write the final chapter. Me or my prescriptions? Anyway, it’s over. The second season is closed with all its dire consequences. Time will tell what will happen in that universe.

[Many thanks to Alessandro and to all the fellow authors of 2MM]


Alessandro Girola’s blog [most of it italian]

2MM blog  [italian]

The Doomsday Clock

2MM: Making of chapter 34 (end of the season) [italian]

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