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More than a month ago I’ve announced a brand new project for a pulp-oriented novel (check here for the related post) and I’m still working in the documentation phase, a real threat for a history fan like me. The period of Weimar Republik was amazing, almost everything was at stake on daily basis. Germany in the ‘20s was a frail nation, torn by the consequences of WWI and divided as never before.


We know what was the end of that period with the global economic crisis of 1929, we know about the rise of Adolf Hitler’s NSDAP and so on. But how many remember the pressure applied from the French government with the help of the United Kingdom to keep Germany under the heel? And again, how many knows about the violence from Freikorps and the struggle between SPD and the far-left political movements who looked at Russian revolution?

For a few years everything was possible for Germany – and for Europe as well. A divided country? A communist state in the heart of Old Europe? A stable democracy? What could happen then to Poland, Austria or Russia? As you may see the potential for ucronic developments is huge and that’s quite a temptation for me while plotting this project of mine.  So why do not add to the mix the ucronic factor? I’m already up for pulp, action and supernatural – no problem at all then.

Well, it’s time to add somebody to the cast. I need a femme fatale and a damsel in distress, both of them of German ascent. Marlene Dietrich? She was used to the first role and more than able to play the weak side as well. This wonderful actress is too precious for a novel  like mine, I need somebody darker for the femme fatale and an angel face for the damsel.

Adele Sandrock? Hilde Hildebrand? Margarete Kupfer? Ah-ha! Here’s the damsel – Magda Schneider!

Magda Schneider

Inge Landgut? Mary Kid? Uhm, she was cute but i’m looking for darkness here. Ilse Steppat? That’s more like it, she performed very well in a James Bond movie. Evelyn Holt? Lia Eibenschutz? Grete Berger? Claire Rommer? Gussy Holl? OK, let’s go with Ms. Steppat – there’s more than enough darkness here.


Now, if I could find the right face for the main character…

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