Author/publisher – the language barrier


As an independent author/publisher based in Italy, I have to consider the existence of a linguistic barrier between me and the biggest market available today. In order to reach as many readers as I can writing in Italian is not a viable option, it’s time to think about a translation service.

It’s a matter of numbers; in the world there about 120 million people who read in Italian, that’s nothing compared to the billions who read in English, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Russian or Japanese. Not to mention French, German and Portuguese. To put it bluntly, it’s quite improbable that somebody could speak and write in an acceptable way in all these languages.

My personal target is to be fully able to deliver texts in English before the end of 2014 (that means studying a lot, by any standard). Other languages are out of my reach. So if I want to get one of my work dutifully translated in Spanish I’ve to find a way to pay for it, to set up this sum in my business plan as I’ve already done for the cover and the editing. How can I get such money?

A good answer came from a friend of mine and fellow author/publisher, Mr. Marco Siena (here is his blog); he’s facing the same problems, so he decided to start a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo for his brand new novel “Ignition” – please check it out what he’s doing here. Mr. Siena is a very talented writer, I know that first hand, but the talent is not enough. If you want to reach a greater audience you have to step over the language barrier.

The main problem is always the same – marketing your ebooks, your ideas, your projects. It’s true for a crowdfunding project, too. So we’re back to square one, building our community step by step with the social media, our blogs, our real-life friends, and relatives. Produce, share, learn. These are the keys.



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