Author/Publisher – profiling your works


Once you have crafted your brand new novel you have to think about how to profile it for the market. That means you have to connect one or more (hopefully more) than a genre or category to your work in order to make it available for “spider” programs of search engines. The same applies for host sites like Amazon.

A bit of research is what you need to get this little piece of work done. You know your novel, don’t you? Yes, it’s something new and fresh and smart and so on… but let’s face the truth, it cannot be anything unprecedented in the world’s history.  What you have to do is to choose a number of keywords to establish a profile for your novel.

Let’s set up an example, it will help us greatly to demonstrate this concept. How about Sherlock Holmes? The works of Arthur Conan Doyle about this master of investigation are worldwide classics. We will use the first novel dedicated to Holmes, “A Study in Scarlet” (1887). Haven’t you read this book? Shame on you, check this page on Wikipedia, then come back.

In this novel we have two main characters; John H. Watson and Sherlock Holmes. They meet to share the rent of a house and later they get involved in the investigation about a murder that leads to more and more discoveries until a solution cames up due to the brilliant intuitions of the detective. So here we have the first keywords: detective, crime, investigation, murder.

We are told that John H. Watson is a war veteran (another keyword: second anglo-afghan war), that some of the characters are Mormons (another keyword), that the word “rache” is important (add one more keyword), people die by poison in this novel (add one again) and the notorious Scotland Yard police is involved in the investigation too (here’s another one).

The profile we get is: detective, crime, investigation, murder, war veteran,  second Anglo-Afghan war, Mormons, rache, poison, Scotland Yard, police. That means a lot of different connections for the search engines and could help our friend Conan Doyle to be found more often in the Net.

What you don’t have to do is to set up a keyword stuffing, using unrelated keywords for your work. Every part of the profile is to be real. Please remember that there will be your name on the top of your book and you do not want to be associate with the word “liar”, do you?

What’s the profile of your novel? Have you already found all the keywords needed?


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