Scott Carpenter (1925-2013)


Another astronaut has gone away, Mr. Scott Carpenter last lift-off happened yesterday. Carpenter was the second american astronaut in orbit with the mission Aurora 7 in 1962.

It’s easy now to think about men in space, we have decades of successful missions in our collective memory. This is the time for private ventures in space like SpaceX or Virgin Galactic, with a good telescope we can see the ISS station every day.

It was different back then. The first wave of manned spaceflight, with the Cold War troubles and the Space Race between USSR and USA in full rage, were something more. Imagine what it takes to climb in a little space like the Mercury capsule, to face a ride atop a Mercury-Atlas 7 rocket and finally being alone in the dark, with our planet below.

After the glory days of the space program Mr. Carpenter served his country in a whole different way with the program SEALAB from 1964 to 1969. He retired from Navy and start a company, Sea Sciences Inc., devoted to environmental matters and the use of ocean-based resources.


for Mr. Carpenter page on Wikipedia click here

for Mr. Carpenter personal website click here

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