Under a new sky – chapter 24

Note: this is a work of fiction, with all the usual stuff about copyright and permission. It’s also a work in progress and a way to develop my knowledge of the english language. So feel free to correct, debate, laugh, ask about it in the comments. Help appreciated.

You may find the index here.

Chapter twenty-four.

It took almost four years to get this opportunity. Even with the full power of two AI like OmniPlan and SIMCU the amount of data to be calculated was huge, with a slight but unnerving error margin to keep everybody nervous. OmniPlan recorded every high-energy event since its deployment on the Zeranta’s surface, SIMCU did the same from space following its original program. With their combined one-thousand year old mass of data and the results of the OmniPlan’s training program with all the interviews of more than two thousand Terrans we could set in motion a try to develop a mathematical model of the time-space relations between Earth’s surface and Zeranta’s. My little GPS unit, useless here without its net of satellites, was of great help with the thousands of waypoints I’ve recorded in the last few years on Earth while on duty for the US Army. No way to complain if anything goes SNAFU.

So I was there, right ten yards away from the pillar at the margin of the Desert of Steel, full-packed and ready to go. I won’t turn back, I simply cannot do that. If I did that mistake I won’t go, losing the best opportunity I could have in years to go back on Earth and do my best to find a way to survive. See, I knew that Kellan was watching me. She and Alexander Kalee Washington, our son.

The holograms were both at my left side, a curious pair of androgynous-looking figures.

You have one minute and forty-five seconds to wait. Do you still think that you will be able to come back next year?”

That was SIMCU. That black son of a gun always got the gift to say something bad at the worst time possible.

He will. This event will move him four point seven miles east-south-east of Ulan Bator. Ten months and five days from then he will have to be at the return site in Botswana. It more than enough time to accomplish his mission.”

OmniPlan was always assertive after its reintegration, with more than a bit of malevolence against SIMCU. Once again I was hoping for a break, there was too much at stake.

Shut the trap, both of you. Any last minute prediction about the Storm?”

No, our last simulation is still giving the same results. Five years, eight months and one day from now the Storm will be all over this hemisphere. It will last no less than thirty-four days. Without proper measures about 90% of the population will not survive. SIMCU will be unable to interact with the surface for no less than ninety-one days, I will be disabled for no less than seventy-two days.”

The wind was getting faster, a light smell of ozone grew stronger in it. I was well equipped, with my old ceramic armor set replaced with blocks of the finest gold. Coming back in Mongolia will give me the opportunity of doing my business while being undetected by American authorities, how to solve my mental health problems will be up to what I will find there. I wrote down almost everything I did here, one of my old pals will take care of that.

Here, the first blue sparks were showing up. Time to jump!


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