Under A New Sky – Aftermath


Last Sunday I’ve posted the epilogue of my blog novel “Under A New Sky”, that was the end of a journey started this April, the 28th. This novel is a little project of mine but it has been quite useful for me to explore and understand more about my actual limits of developing and writing a story in english.

I was new to the sub-genre too. Planetary romance is a favorite of mine, I’ve always dreamed about writing one in my native language. A number of circumstances drove me to develop this work on this platform with a list of targets to reach. I wanted to publish a chapter each week, writing in my spare time (I’m more than a bit overloaded) and using the choice of programming the post on WordPress to set up a sequence.

The development phase lasted from April, 28th to July, 2nd and the post sequence started the same day as soon as I completed the prologue. The novel is made by 26 parts (prologue, 24 chapters and epilogue) for about 19,000 words.  It’s the longest work I’ve written in english by now. The result is more or less as expected when it comes to quality and language. To be honest it’s just a little more than the bare bones of a story, a good novel needs more work on characters and much more about descriptions.

The plot works just fine, it’s very linear and rely on the standards of the sub-genre; I just want to play it safe and sound, for the fun of it. Now it’s time to let it settle down in the back of my mind, six months from now I will read it again and decide if it’s worth the effort to use this project as a base to create a full-length novel. What I’ve to do now it’s to turn the page and create a new story.

Well, what about space? You see, there’s a stranded spaceship that…

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