Now we know what will stop climate change


At the last Davos meeting the CEO of the Coca-cola company finally showed us the reason why somebody will do something for real in order to stop climate change in the future. No, I’m not joking. The issue is so serious that the space for joking is over.

What did he said about climate change?

He said that their global supply chain is at risk. Not enough pure water available. So the company will take action in order to get something done about it in all the countries where a Coca-cola production plant is working. By the way, that means a whole lot of places.

As former US president Bill Clinton said, “it’s the ecomony, stupid!”. Not the laws, not the public outcry, not a million post on Facebook. It’s a matter of money, greed and profit. If the global economic players finally understand that climate change is bad for business we will finally see some serious development in that area.

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4 thoughts on “Now we know what will stop climate change

    • Well, it’s creepy as Hell. 🙂 You know, corporations like Coca-cola are the modern dinosaurus. They roam across the planet, eating whatever they can and fighting for resources against other corporations. If we ever get to snatch an asteroid from space in order to get resources it will be to satisfy some corporation.

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