They don’t give a damn about Ukraine

Russia_2837 - Tsar Cannon

Russia_2837 – Tsar Cannon (Photo credit: archer10 (Dennis))

It’s almost scary to see what’s going on the media in Germany about the Ukrainian crisis. While the news coverage is good as it gets usually you may see some of the most important men of the country taking as many distance is possible from a direct involvement of the Germany in the crisis – they take side with Putin to Hell and beyond.

I mean, take a look to Gerhard Schröder, yes – the former chancellor – How he dared to dismiss Ukraine as a country?

[Wait a moment, is him the same guy who took seat in Gazprom council and later in TNK-BP?]

And what about Helmut Schmidt? One of the national heroes of the modern Germany, a man respected in the whole world. How could it be possibile for a man like him to miss the point in the confrontation with Russia? I simply can’t believe that anybody can buy such a man.

[Wait a moment, what about the billions of Euros that the biggest economic groups in Germany have invested in Russia?]

You may see the many advocates that the russian side gained in the last few weeks on the german media scene. Moscow is too important, the oil/gas export to Europe is too important, our national interest lies with the biggest market and so on… we already hear this song, it was about the Georgian crisis some year ago. Recent polls show a different feeling in the common people, as many as the 60% of Germans think that their country should do something to stop this mess.

And what about our fellows europeans? People from Poland, from the Baltic states, from Czech and Slovakia, from Hungary, from Romania and from Bulgaria. You know, they remember. They know how it was behind the Iron Curtain. Guess what, they will not welcome russians again.

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