The truth as we like it


Please consider for a moment this infographic. As you may see, that comes from a news network, in order to show us how the Palestinian territories has been shrinked thru the decades. The message delivered is quite clear, isn’t it? It’s easy to see how the Arab population of that area has been overcomed by the Israelis in a matter of a century. What do I ask you today is: is this the truth?

Because I have another map to show you. Same area, almost the same date. It’s a representation of the Middle East in 1922, when all this area was under European control after the fall of the Ottoman Empire in WWI. Ready?

palestne mandate 1922

See the differences?

Maybe it’s just me, but I can easily read the words “Jewish Palestine” and “Arab Palestine” (it’s right under “Trans-Jordan“). So, what about that other word, “truth“? How does it happen that the arab media, the same with international ambitions like Al-Arabyia and Al-Jazeera, never told the complete story to their audiences? Is it so problematic to recap that French and British governments did not a care at all about local populations? Do they ever tell that back then Palestine, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Saudi Arabia were nothing but problems in the eye of former colonial powers?

Of course the Palestinians knows about it. The same can be said about Egyptians, Syrians and so on. So, why anybody put the blame other that on Israelis? Why almost all of the local leaders of the Middle East never go for the complexity and deliberately chooses to ignore the damage they done to their Palestinian friends? It will be nice to hear from them how they do manipulate no less than three generations of Palestinians, in order to use them again Israel after failing six times to wage a succesful war against that country.

Il will be nice too to hear from them how tribal leaders came to power, using weapons and ammo from USA and UK (i.e. Saudi Arabia) or from the former USSR (i.e. Syria). Or how they deliberately choose, decade after decade, to build up nations without a trace of democracy and also choose to support the same foreign powers they will have to blame for all the damage dome in the area? The day I will find another shiny infographic about that, from the same network, will be a really good one. A pity that will not happen so soon.


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