Planning a series – Ghosts Of War


There are a number of advantages and a few setbacks when an author decides to write a series of works, it could be a good idea to chat about it for a while and, at the same time, to show what’s on  my desk for the 2015. What does it mean “write a series”?

The basic definition is about to define a common background for two or more works, often with a set of characters that will star in two or more of those. These are the main characteristics of a serial, common in all fields of narrative from pulp to science fiction. Right from the start, you can see that there’s an advantage and a setback. The first is about having to do a good part of the works once for all the serial, the second is that you have to stop, plan and elaborate, instead of putting your head to your stories. Every author got its own method of writing, it’s up to you to decide exactly what’s an advantage and what’s a setback.

Of course I choose to consider the time spent in planning and elaborating details an advantage. So I took another step, planning to write four stories in the same universe – using a common background and not the same set of characters. I’ve nothing against a good sequence of tales about the same people, but I like to explore the fictional lives of many different men and women, each one with his/hers own background to play with. And there are ghosts. Everywhere. Colder than space itself. (This will be a good place to set up an “evil villain laugh”, where’s Vincent Price when I need him?)

All right, first time to recap. We will have science fiction, a near future, ghosts (lot of ghosts), our solar system, a lot of brave humans everywhere. And a war. Oh yes, there was a war. We always have wars, haven’t we? It’s almost a miracle that our species managed to survive in the last two centuries and it’s a safe bet that we will have wars even in space. But I’m on the side of hard science fiction and I won’t play easy games. So, no red laser beams across thousands of miles. No hyperspace. No super-accelerations. Better spaceships, yes. Better computers, navigation systems, engines and gravity induced by rotation. And nukes. Oh yes, there will be nukes.

ghost soldiers

What “Ghosts Of War” will be about?

A post-war situation, after a bloody conflict that nearly wipe out humankind. A solar system that has been for the first time our battlefield, still ripe with debris and dangerous wrecks. Veterans full of scares and young spacemen / spacewomen, with our native planet still trying to recover after the hardest conflict ever. In the vastly space between planets, on the surface of moons and asteroids, beneath the decks of war-torn habitats, the ghosts of the victims lie waiting for a chance to act. For the need of justice, to finally find peace or to get energy from a warm body, they wait. Not for long.

Sneak peek – the titles of the four issue serial!

Rest in Peace“, will be released next January. “Lost Heroes” will follow in April, “Dark Legacy” will surface in July and finally “Left Behind” in October. Oh, wait! There will a bundle too. But we will discuss it in another post.

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