Rest In Peace – Ghosts Of War


This is another sneak peek about my upcoming series “Ghosts Of War“, the first about one of the tales that I’m writing for this purpose. As you already know “Rest In peace” is the title of the first issue, that will be out on the market next month.

What are the roots of this story? Where do I get the inspiration and what are the main elements of science fiction here?

The first thing to say is “where” the action takes place. And the answer is “On Titan” and “around Titan”, that leads to one of the elements of science fiction in the story. I mean, we are discovering the real nature of this Saturn’s moon in the last few years but what we already know give us an answer: we can’t live there, on its surface. Only 0.14 G-Force, an atmosphere cycle based on methane and nitrogen and enough ethane and propane to be useful for mining purposes. Ooops, that’s enough.

So, where can we live in such an enviroment? The answer is clear, inside an habitat – O’Neill’s style – set around that moon, in stationary orbit. And the ghost? How many ghosts? Where are they or where is him/her? And of course, how do you deal with a ghost?

And again, what kind of people may choose to live out there? Can you, as a reader, find a way to relate with such characters? Another hint, they were in the Navy. Or, to be more to the point, to what will be called Navy in such an enviroment. No more ships, but starships. for this peculiar bunch of characters the idea of going back home, on Earth, could not be an available option. Ops! I did it again!

One last thing to consider, a thought about how it could be to be there, orbiting around Titan. Can you imagine to see Saturn, right there, in all its magnificence? How can it be to see our solar system, from another point of view?

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