Finding an OST – Ghosts Of War


When I write I just need to have some music playing and I like to think about my projects like movies, each one with its distinctive soundtrack. A pity I ain’t a musician, so I’m not in the right condition to create an OST from scratch. Thanks to two good friends of mine, Davide Mana and Lucia Patrizi, I’ve found a very useful service – totally free of charge – to create the right musical companion of my series.

I’m talking about Kaseta, a site that enables you to create a digital-age replica of that marvelous world of audiotapes that rocks the world a few years ago (all right, not so few – I’m an old bastard). The basic trick is surfin’ for a while on YouTube, collecting the links to a number of videos you like. Then you can set all of it in a sequence, add notes and bits of graphics, choose your favorite model of audiotape and GO!

The whole procedure takes few minutes, login procedure included, and can be repeated as many times you like, plus the choice of modifying anytime your “tapes”. Of course I bite, a service like this one is simply too good to be let alone. Being an old rocker, my musical tastes are very ’70 and ’80 oriented and I’ve come up with this selection:

Yngwie J. Malmsteen – Rising Force

Deep Purple – Space Truckin’

Black Sabbath – Mob Rules

Motorhead – Killed by Death

AC/DC – Stormy May Day

DIO – Heaven and Hell

Iron Maiden – Run Silent, Run Deep

Slayer – Ghosts Of War

This list is quite hard-rock / heavy metal, I know that. But it gets the feeling needed to stay in touch with this set of my stories, the mood is properly dark. So, if you like this selection, this is the link to follow – right HERE. Enjoy!

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