Genesis of a cover – Ghosts Of War Issue #1


Every book has a cover. That’s easy, right? But your book, the one you get mad at writing, should have a great cover! But even the greatest artist of all time cannot understand what the Hell you want if you’re not able to deliver the right message. It’s a different way to sell your work, isn’t it? What you have to do is sell the basic idea of your book to another person, the artist, to help him/her to maximize his/her efforts. Is it easy? It should be, because you’re a goddamn author / publisher and that’s a part of your work.

Maybe you’re one of a few, that kind of multi-talented guys / gals who come up with the gift of graphics along with the writing side. If that’s the case, give yourselves a pat in the back, you’re a rare gem. But for all the others, here’s an example of the process – all based on my forthcoming series.

As I’ve told you in previous post, this will be a four-issue work. So basically we’re talking about two different things. The former is defining the frame for all the series, the latter is getting the first cover out. This is the summary of elements I gave to my favorite artist, Ms. Elena Betti.

1) Upper left corner, my publisher logo (see previous post for that);

2) Upper part of the cover, title of the series “Ghosts Of War“;

3) Bottom part of the cover, title of the first issue “Rest In Peace“;

4) Insert my name somewhere;

5) Insert the text “Issue #1” somewhere;

6) Use a picture of Titan;

7) Overimpose on the Titan’s picture a skull, as a symbol for a ghost;

8) Use a black background.

The first surprise was the reaction of the artist. She didn’t kill me. I took that as a good omen and dug from the ‘net the images of Titan and the skull. Both are free of charge and free to be reused.


Titan, as seen from Cassini spacecraft in 2005.


So, everything was set up. Time to slip away and let my artist do her magic (yes, to me using computer graphic is kind of magic). The major problem was about the seventh point of the list, finding a way to overimpose the proposed images wasn’t that easy. So this was the result.


After a while a first draft was ready, and it took a bit more time to adjust some bit here and there (mostly in a flash of fast-paced clicks in command boxes that appears to pop up everywhere at once). And then… TA-DAA!!! Here it is!

As you may see, every item of the list has found a proper place in the cover. Easy to spot that this image will be used as a frame for the next three issues of the series. Of course the title will change, but not the font used. So, here we are. How about going to Amazon and pre-order the book?

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