How to easy set up quotations


Thanks to a friend of mine (hello Massimo!)  I’ve stumbled upon a free web service, a site named; what can you with them?

Easy, you can create in a few seconds quotations – from every text source you like to use – and have it on the Internet with a couple of mouse clicks. Not bad, isn’t it? I know, this will not change your life, nor it will give instant money but it may help to add some spice to your web profiles.

As I’ve told you before, quozio is free, all you have to do is create your own profile (using an email address or your Facebook login) then you can start to create quotations. Again, with one click each, you can connect with Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter. This instrument could be used for marketing purposes, to make a point in argument, to show some passage of a book you liked or to display the public view some funny words from a friend.

This is a sample from the Quozio site.

Quozio test

Here’s a sample of a Facebook echo, done today.

quozio sample FB

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