The worst word for a writer: deadline


Today I was considering how to develop the last part of the next issue of my ongoing series, “Ghosts Of War“, then I realize that I wasn’t considering the most important factor: time.

You know, I’ve set to myself an easy deadline for this story. This ebook will be released on April, 15th. So there’s plenty of time for everything, isn’t it? Well, this is false. And it’s a good point to start a little thinking about respecting deadlines as a part of the author / publisher set of skills.

Let’s start a reverse timeline, OK? The ebook will be released on April, 15th. But I want to set it as available in pre-order on April, 1st (what a fool’s day in-joke!) and that means that I have to load everything on the servers no less than a week before. That put my work calendar straight to March, 25th. So far, so good. I still have plenty of time.

I still do not have a cover for my issue #2. And I’ve promised to my favourite graphic designer to allow her more time to create it. I have to confess that I haven’t a ready-to-go concept at the ready while I’m writing this post and this is a problem. Let’s say that I will give her a full week to do her magic, OK? So the calendar takes another step back, until March, 18th.

All right, my editor is a very busy man. He’s writing books, short stories, material for RPGs and many other stuff. So he will need time too, it’s just a matter of respect for his work. My story will be, more or less, between 9,000 words and 10,000 words. And I have many reasons to believe that this time he will have to say a lot about it. A week? No, it’s better to double this time. Two weeks should be enough for him to find room in his workplan for my story. Now the calendar shows the March, 4th date.

More than a month disappears, it’s like magic. I can almost smell ozone and sulphur around me. You see, there’s another little problem, it’s just around the corner. My story is still far from the final word. Actually is about at 70% of development. I know what will happen in it andΒ  I will be faithful to the plot structure I’ve created before. But I’m a lazy writer and a very busy man. So the last 2,000 or so words will not be easy to get down. Now, let’s get back to our calendar. I need a week to review by myself my first draw (it’s February, 25th) and another week to let it go off from my mind (it’s February, 18th).

That makes it. Today is January, 30th. I have 18 days to finish this story. That explains the reason why I use a three months interval between my ebooks. And this also add more weight to the word “lazy” in my own dictionary.


6 thoughts on “The worst word for a writer: deadline

  1. Eighteen days!
    That’s a lot of time – I currently have a 24 hours, a 2 days and a 7 days deadlines.
    The other deadlines are over 10 days away, so I don’t think about them πŸ˜€
    Anyone considering writing a hobby or “easy” should try it for six months.

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