Lost Heroes and my workload


To put it blunt, this is for a partial apologize. The end of March is right around the corner and the next issue of my “Ghosts Of War” arc of stories is not ready. So, no pre-order will be available from April, 1st and the theorized stream of news and bits about this story will be postponed.

This does not mean that “Lost Heroes” will not show up on April, 15th as promised. I may be a 24/7 troublemaker but when I promise a deliver I will do it. The story is ready to go up anytime and kick ass, it’s the stuff that you don’t get to see as readers that’s not working properly.

I pay my bills with another job, as a programmer and analyst for an Italian software house, and the last months of 2014 have been a nightmare of stuff to do. Guess what, the first three months of this year were just the same and the second quarter doesn’t look so well. Business is business, I have to comply and do my best, this is what you do if you’re a pro.

I’ve to say that I’m a lucky man. I get a ton of support from my good friends and my family, all together we’re almost unstoppable. So, this time I will be late for the pre-order time. Next time I will do better. You just live and learn. And scare the Hell out of people with good stories.


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