Money and Lies

You have heard of the confrontation running between Greece and EU about economic matters and maybe you’re waiting for the results of today’s referendum to know if a tiny country will refuse or not to find another economic agreement with the so-called “troika” (that’s ECB, EU and IMF).

The best thing of all this noise is about the time dedicated by media on this kind of problems. Maybe, just maybe, more and more people will start to understand to monumental mass of lies that goes around modern-day economics, starting with the money itself.

Do you what was the ratio between money based on real economic factors and money based on financial tricks, back in the ’80s? It was about 1 on 7. That’s a lot, but it was still sustainable. Current ratio could be evaluated about 1 to 20. If you have a twenty note in your hands, just a little bit of it is somewhat related to real life.

Finance is something useful, not a fraud. You will need banks and insurances to run an economy and you will need means to trade, to exchange values over the industrial production and the commercialization of goods and services. But when rules goes out of the window and corporations spin on greed, a border is crossed. The line between a needed service and money-making machine is just around the corner.

Since the ’80s, we have a number of economic crisis. None based on reality. Two generation of “wolves” of Wall Street (and many other places all around the world) generates mountains of virtual cash for themselves and their projects, with very little opposition from elected governments. The basic lie was about taxes. The more money they make, that was the understanding on the media, the more taxes they pay – good for the government. A pity that it was never the truth, just check out how much taxes big corporations pays in your country.

There is a small number of conglomerates that control more than 80% of the trading, pushing the markets in the directions needed when they want to get squeeze more money. They are all multi-national, whose control quote are in the hands of a few thousands people. Nomura, Blackrock, Deutsche Bank, Morgan Stanley, Royal Bank of Scotland, Goldman Sachs, UBS, CitiBank… just look at the newspapers, it’s easy to spot their names. Then look at the advisors, the like of Moody’s or Standard and Poor’s. Guess who control them? Better, guess who owns them.

So, if market values are lies and the money we have is based on nothing, what’s our economy about? Are our national debts real? What’s making our civilization go around?

Good luck to our Greek friends. And to all us european within the borders of the Euro zone.

Because when there’s blood in the water, sharks are never far away.

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