War against ISIS – the role of Saudi Arabia

At the last G20 Summit, Vladimir Putin declares a s follows: “I provided examples related to our data on the financing of Islamic State units by natural persons in various countries. The financing comes from 40 countries, as we established, including some G20 members.” At the same table there were seated the envoys from Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

Both countries have a difficult track record when it comes about terrorism, not to mention a number of high-profile representatives with direct ties with known terrorist and/or terrorist organizations. I was looking at a video about ISIS yesterday on YT and all of a sudden I remembered where I had seen similar black flags in the past. And the connection with the house of Saud became graphically clear.


See this people? They were bedouin raiders, the flags are from the Ikhwan organization.  What’s that? A creation of early days Wahhabi Ulama, back in 1913 (see here on Wikipedia) in order to convert potentially dangerous bedouin tribes into allies and muslims.

The parallel is quite tempting. Ikhwan militia was a real force back then, helping a lot the cause of the House Of Saud in its struggle to get control in the country that we now call Saudi Arabia. At the same time they were somewhat indisciplinate and scores of them became difficult to control, forcing the Saud ruler to crush’em in 1929.

The Ikhwan members were quite rigid in the application of the Wahhabi policies, including forced conversion of Shia muslims and enforce more control in the pilgrimage to the holy sites of Mecca and Medina. Since they want to be feared from their enemies, they applied a lot of gory practises like execution of male prisoners by cutting their throats. They opposed modernity like the introduction of gas, cars and telegraph – everything non-arab and not Wahhabi-like wasn’t welcome.

Nowadays, seeing similar flags in the Middle East and in other countries and listening to similar messages from ISIS makes me wonder. The House of Saud is actively looking for getting more and more influence all over the Persian Gulf area and the whole of the North Africa. The same for Middle East and the other islamic countries. That happened in decades of financing Wahhabi imam and radical movements all over, without even a single word of disapproval from the USA.

Back in the days Ikhwan turned against its creators and it took a while to get it under control (metaphor for “destroyed”) with the help of foreigners (mostly military advisors and personnel from UK). What will happen this time? Are the House of Saud rulers ready to discontinue their support for their black-clad allies?

4 thoughts on “War against ISIS – the role of Saudi Arabia

  1. You seem like someone has been reading. I am understand the connection between Isis and Nigeria/ and Nigeria and the USA/in the present. The present age of esteem Wahhabism Muslim which some are part of the Muslims but not a part the shite Muslims/are extremist Indonesia, and Malaysia conducting activities and recruitment in these countries Pakistan, at the time who Nigerians in university of Virginia and Ohio state, ect. But more at how they would recruited, not by religion, but perhaps by drugs. Are there Isis terror in Brazil moving up through Mexico and wanting to fight Americans through terror, and the nuclear bomb relatiship between Brazil and perhaps parts of Africa, do any facts on any of these area.

    • Hello and welcome to my blog; to my knowledge Brazil has no nuclear weapons in its arsenal, nor it has nuclear weapons capability in its industry system. In the ’90s there was a lot of activity between South Africa and other countries (including Brazil, Argentina, Indonesia and others) to set up a consortium to build nuclear-based weapons. This initiative was winded down a few later, with no results at all. For what I know there is no terrorism infiltration in the US thru Mexico or other Central or South America countries. All known terrorist busted in the US came from Middle East countries or were born in the US. Recruitment is a complex situation to be evaluated. The most part happens by fascination, they use religion as a system to give to weak individuals something to believe into. The drugs are used to separate this people from reality and to remove their natural fear of death.

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