Left Behind – the last part of the Ghosts Of War series

Ghosts of War_cover 04

This is it. I’ve finally nailed the last obstacles and now, thanks to the Amazon’s busy dwarves, the last installment of my first e-book series is out.

“Left Behind” is, by far, the most ambitious and difficult piece I’ve written in english. It’s a story about war, revenge, action and mayhem – all tied in a single low-price package. C’mon, it’s priced a bit more than an US dollar, no good science fiction can be cheaper than that.

So far, the entire series performed well and I hope that this final story will wrap it up nicely for those who already get the first three ebooks.

What’s the story?

Think about a scientific vessel, sent to Pluto to investigate strange readings on long-range sensors. Then imagine a warship, the last of his class, hunting its enemies for decades. And remember one of the tragedies of every conflict, the drama of being a prisoner of war. Hate, rage and the spark of human best feeling, hope. It’s all here, just a click away.

Once again I have to thank two wonderful friends of mine, Ms. Elena Betti for another great cover and Mr. Davide Mana for his intelligent advice. Both of them are fine professionals, I’m very luck to be able to get their help in my works.

This time there’s a not-so-little inside joke, a tip on the hat for my friend Andrea Scatena. He’s a tough guy, a man to walk mountains with. Man, you’re harder than everything life throw at you, just remember it.

So, I just did everything I can to sell this e-book. go get find it! HERE


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