2015 – Running high and low

All right, it’s that time of year.  2015 is over and all the bloggers are comin’out, with the tops of the year and stuff. I’m doing almost the same, so no complaints here. This blog has been neglected for the most part of the year, for just one reason: I just didn’t like to write here anymore.

I’ve changed my mind, of course. Not for the blog itself, nor for any content I could make up or report and, no, it’s not even for those who follow here and in the social media. I just took the time I needed to reorganize and reload, just like any other grunt in the field of life.

I’m not here to pose myself as a soldier or a warrior. It will be ridiculous. At this time of my life I know where my place is and what I can do. I will do nothing for showing off my skills, there is no time for that anymore. I’m a husband, a father, a worker, a writer and sometimes a blogger.

A public balance

So, what about 2015? I’ve set up a task for myself in the end of 2014. Write a four-part serial, four brand new sci-fi stories at the best of my skills and market all of them by Amazon. *check*

Another goal for this year was to hone my skills, starting with the use of english language and the basic tools of storytelling. *check*

Third in line, learn some new trick by the means of two or more MOOC. /failed/

Fourth target for 2015 was about traveling abroad once again, with the dream of going back to Scotland. /failed/

Well, two out of four is not so bad. Especially this year.

Personal life

I’ve managed to survive to a shitload of work that would have broken my back without the help of my family. Recession or not, I can guarantee that 2015 was one of my busiest year ever – and I’m comparing this year against 25 years of IT madness.

Family was good. No, it was pure gold. I can’t be more lucky than that. As a believer in reincarnation, I came to realize that I should more pure as diamond in no less than three rounds on this planet to get such a family.

Uhm, now it’s about what I will do next year, isn’t it? Well, this is exactly the time of my choice to go away whistling an old tune. Have a good party tonight and wake up smiling (no hangover!), this new year is a blank page to write!


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