A clown at the White House?


You know, I’m following the Republican campaign with mixed feelings. I mean, I know for sure that is very difficult find leaders these days and I also know that since the rise of the Tea Party situation is getting worse year after year.

Politics makes strange bedfellows, everybody know that too. But how comes that the right-wing in America should be represented by this bunch of clowns? If we’re talking about some small-scale country it will be nothing but a bad joke. But we’re talking about USA, no less.

I mean, I know that is the same people who elected twice George W. Bush as a president (oh, my!) but this is really a new level of insanity. Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are almost embarrassing in their collective ignorance but still look as rocket scientist compared to Donal Trump. C’mon Americans!

You see, they say it’s easier to spot this kind of things if you have an external point of view. Being Italian, this is my case. I do have another advantage on you fellows this time. I have already had the experience. Thrice. Yes, we had three times a guy with false hair, zero morals and a life full of shadows as prime minister.

Silvio Berlusconi, that’s the man. The parallelism is so evident to be absurd. And no, this is not a joke. We never got a man like this with the “football” in his hands, nor we let him with the power of executive orders in his hands.  It’s okay, you like shows and Trump is a one-man band like no other. But every show should end sometimes, don’t let a clown walk in the White House.


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