Get ready for Asteroid Day

Asteroid 21-07-2006

Asteroid 21-07-2006 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

That’s right, do not put appointments on your agenda for June, 30th 2016.

It will be the second Asteroid Day and the people who read this blog should know how much important for everybody it is. What? Haven’t ever heard about it? Well, shame on you. 🙂

This is about awareness. About knowing more and more on the asteroids subject. Why do we have to create a day like this? And why using the last day of June? Well, a bit of history is needed here.

Back in 1908, on the same date, we had the Tunguska impact. To date, it’s the largest meteor impact recorded in recent history. So using this day as a peculiar date to focus our collective attention on the potential dangers of other meteor impacts on our planet is quite appropriate.

In 2015, the first Asteroid Day was set up by an amazing group of very talented people. Scientist, astronauts, technologist concurred to start this campaign. We have to know more. About the asteroids that may cross the path of our planet in the years to come, to understand how to detect them in deep space, to learn ways to cope with a possible disaster.

Well, we can do it.

Just take a look here

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